Importance of technology in Education

Technology is everywhere

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. It is vital to be technically competent to keep up with the rest of the world. Revolutionising the education sector entails the demand for technology. We have a definite need to better our learning processes through technology.

Enhanced student engagement 

Most children have an instinctive understanding of technology. Computers, mobile devices, digital media and the internet are already part of student’s everyday lives. When the kids are already using technology outside of school, integrating those resources with the teaching techniques can make their attention span longer. Teaching must complement with their level of comprehension. This improves the willingness of students to learn and engage in the classroom.

Every student is unique  

Students have non-identical learning capacity. They have their individual pace for learning different concepts. With technology, it becomes easier for every student to work around their own speed. Going back to review lectures that needs more clarification can be done with ease. Teaching methods should match the learning abilities of students. Additionally, to instil the role of technology into the syllabus works for both, teachers and students.

Technology has all the answers 

We live in the Information Age, information is the key to everything. Young minds are very inquisitive, and have immense capacity to ask queries of multiple dimensions. Technology provides them with easy access to a multitude of resources. It activates a thirst for seeking knowledge and prompts a behavioural shift in the learning process. At a tender age, with the use of this magnificent tool, kids learn to quench their curiosity and increase their power of imagination and creativity.

Better Career Opportunities

The life after school is challenging. In order to be competent enough in college and career,  it is necessary  to sustain an aptitude for computer technology, coding, and problem solving skills. Technology is the key element that’s present worldwide and is an integral  part of every industry. Hence, being technologically proficient would give students an upper-hand for best results. To have successful careers and lives, one must be at par with the state of the art technology.

New teachers & new teaching methods

The new generation of teachers are endorsing the idea of building new dimensions for the teaching ecosystem. Establishing a modern substructure has become a necessity rather than a luxury for education.

Online examination

There are various benefits of online testing. It saves time and money but more importantly paper. Making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly option. Schools must find a way to accept and adapt to take online examination. It is what the future demands. Performance evaluation also becomes easier with such tools.

Unlimited resources

Technology provides access to innumerable tools and resources. It not only enhances the speed of completion of a given task but also the accuracy with which it is effectuated. The process of researching and finding data has become effortless. With the use of visual instruments such as info-graphs, images, videos and presentations, teachers can make the students more interested in learning facts and data which would otherwise be a tedious task. Teachers now have multiple ways to keep their class attentive as technology has revamped the learning environment.

Benefits of  Technology in Education:

  • Personalised Learning
  • Project Based Learning
  • Real World Exposure
  • Collaborative Work
  • Community Involvement